how we work


We want you to have a very positive experience developing a project with RadicalDevelop. Being the projects we develop very different from each other, the methodology of work begins with the understanding of the needs of the client, detailed knowledge of your business, what your expectations, vision and ambition you have for the project.

For this we will ask you questions, give ideas and identify the key features that your application must have to achieve its goals. It is a process based on a positive discussion where the client will not be confronted with a computer technical language, but with his current language used in daily activity.

Once we have obtained the necessary data, through the previous phase, we will prepare our project proposal appropriate to the objectives identified. This proposal will contain our way of developing the work with the client. The characteristics of the solution to be developed are identified. The cost estimates and development deadlines will also be presented. With the client in agreement, we will begin planning the development phase of the project that will require a great deal of interactivity between the client and our team.
Mar 06


In this phase, the two tools for a clear and simple communication with the client in order to maximize the total satisfaction with the final product are:

Functional specification – concise and detailed description of the operation of the different functions and processes of the application, as well a graphical representation of user interfaces and  other diagrams that are required as workflows.

Prototype – Use of prototypes for a visualization of the functionality of the application and validation of the correct functioning of the same.
Mar 06


Design of User Interfaces and elaboration of prototypes that give a real experience of the functionality to the users which allows a more rigorous specification validate by the client.

In parallel, the data model is coded and elaborated.
Mar 06


All programming work: from the business layer, data model, data access …

This phase and the previous phase are evolving in parallel. The client will have a vision of the progress of the project in a very quick and simple way.

We adopted a Scrum-based methodology allowing a detailed visualization of the process of development and evaluation of the achievement of established goals.

All those involved in the project have objective data, on a daily basis, on the progress of the project.
Mar 06



The client will test the application so that we can validate its proper functioning. The application will be available on our servers where all the tests will be run.

Mar 06



It will be installed on an infrastructure of the client, or on a remote server (cloud), according to the type of application.

Mar 06


The support is guaranteed according to the contractually fixed.
The client will have  available all the technical documentation elaborated during the development of the project  as:

-Commented source codes
-Manuals of use online
-Data base description