In each project, we use, whenever possible, technologies with already established standards. We work with different programming languages, databases and platforms.
In business applications we often use the .NET platform developing in C #. The databases are also diverse such as with SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and MySQL among others.
The following list lists some of the most commonly used ones according to the needs of each project.

Server Side


On the server side we use IIS and Apache Web Servers on different operating systems (Linux based and Windows). The .NET platform, with the components that integrate it, is one that we use frequently.

Browser Based Offline and Mobile First Web Applications


Some of the technologies we use on the client side to develop Web Apps that can be used on mobile devices.



R & D projects often involve hardware and software integration. Microcontrollers, sensors for the acquisition of data of diverse nature, industrial control, etc. are used.
These designs may involve a number of different technologies. In programming languages ​​we highlight C / C ++ and Python.

Contente Management Systems


For the storage and presentation of content we use some products. We can develop specific solutions according to customer needs.



We work with different databases and the above mentioned are some of the favorites.